Student eportfolio

Student eportfolio

E-portfolio has been a topic of concern in many European countries in recent years. In the period August 2005 - June 2007, ten schools and organization's countries except Iceland, worked in a project with the theme of e-portfolio / portfolio.

The purpose was to develop e-portfolio to promote and encourage the daily learning in a lifelong perspective.

At schools and adult education institutions, attempts were made ​​with different types of portfolio. It was also working on a more theoretical basis by looking at common values, and how these are expressed in e-portfolio work.

The target groups for the work are institutions and schools, while it also is the individual learner, which should help to set up their e-portfolio/portfolio
Student eportfolio

The aim of the project was to try to develop a template for a portfolio. After mapping of the different working methods in use at participating partners, and a further trial, came to that it has little intention of a fixed template for a portfolio. It is rather a question of pointing out the process, how to work with e-portfolio in an organization or a school. It's set up a step by step process; it is given a number of recommendations, and there is a discussion of the values ​​in relation to a report with discussion of a portfolio available. The report is ready for use both on paper (August 2007) and online.