Engage students

Engage students

Online matching remote students - businesses

It is developed e n portal for connection / remote matching of students and projects for the private sector is developed.

The portal is called 'matchmaking service for remote internships'.
The aim of the portal is to connect talented students to remove businesses who need to recruit the most challenging assignments. It applies to students in higher education.

Businesses and organizations that have interesting business projects, but limited capacity and resources, can acquire the necessary capacity of talented students through this portal. Those behind the portal (see below) announces that it applies to distance students from recognized universities.
Engage students

The assignments will be solved in which the student is located, as remote work, or "virtual internships".

The portal gives businesses a chance to recruit students from many countries and use their knowledge and experiences, a of the labor market, which is a desirable development, as seen from the side.

The service is free during the trial period, October 2006 - September 2008.

The portal is initially taken with students at the universities participating in the project consortium. It is also possible for other higher education institutions to join by signing a deal. From the employer side, the portal open to all companies large and small, public and private companies, national and multinational corporations, educational institutions and research institutions.