Benefits of online learning

Benefits of online learning

Online training can be flexible and cost-effective for both employees and business. By using online or web supported continuing education offerings can increase the business skills and competitiveness.

What is distance learning?
Online learning is a form of distance learning where the Internet is an important tool, and where the participants could work independent of time and place. As a tool frequently used e-learning platform - a "classroom" on the net, equipped with the subject matter, task, teacher, teamwork and communication.

Training can be individual or it can be a combination of online and physical collections, such as the workplace.

It is first, the availability and flexibility that distinguish online continuing education from traditional teaching and training.

Always available
Web-based continuing education is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of where you are. The flexible online, you can basically decide when you want to work with subject matter, where you want to do it, and its pace.

On the Internet, the learning material presented more diverse than before, and participants can get support and inspiration during the learning process - even from each other. In the menu at the left of the screen, you will find links to examples of how text and multimedia-based teaching material can be presented on the Internet, and how the learning platform can be used for communication between the learner and teacher, and the participants themselves.

The communication and cooperation

Benefits of online learning
You can communicate with the teacher and other participants in many ways:
  • e-mail
  • Forums
  • discussion groups / chat / web-meeting
  • blog with comments from other
  • audio conference online, with or without camera
  • video conferencing
  • podcast (audio), possibly combined with comments on the blog.
  • The so-called collaborative technologies are developing rapidly, and new opportunities and tools are constantly added.

Teaching Methods
Pedagogy should regularly control the technology and not vice versa. In distance learning, pedagogy has always been focused on adapting teaching to the fact that much work alone at their own pace. Teacher's comments are very important for learning and for further motivation. With the technological development has opened up opportunities for more cooperation, especially if more follow a similar progression. While a previously used printed course material, provide online opportunities for animation and interactivity, which can ease understanding thus providing a better learning effect.