Power courses

Power School for the Motor

Internet College

Resource Centre high school offering distance learning courses for apprentices in business in the following subjects:
  • Light vehicles
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Car damage
  • Parts subject
  • Wheel Equipment subject
  • Motorcycle
Distance education will be via the internet (Fronts) and also consists of compendiums of the following elements:

1. Study Guide.

2. Control Questions to reveal a lack of knowledge from VG1 (GK) and VG2 (VK1) curriculum.

3. Submit papers via Fronter with defined objectives for each lesson. Each student has their own username and password as they log on to Fronter with.

4. Practical training as the apprentice in the company performs the parallel studies to link theoretical knowledge and feasible skills.

5. The Teacher-assisted Discussion groups on the Internet where, in relation to submission lessons discuss specific topics and how apprentices can direct questions and get answers from each other and from the teachers' high school. Teachers will also act as mentors to the apprentices.

In addition, teachers will be available for questions each. telephone, following a fixed schedule.
Power courses

After the fixed schedule of submissions, every week.

Group Collections
In addition to self-study, we recommend the group meetings under the auspices of the local training office.
First meeting at the start for an introduction in the study and to encourage the study and to create "group affiliation." Moreover, 3 to five sessions along the way to deepen academic problems.

For the study, with a discussion group and group sessions to be carried out in line with the intentions, it will be common starting 3 to four times a year. years.
If desired, it is possible to start the program outside the regular times.

Allocated time to study
We recommend a total of approx. eight hours during the week to the theoretical tasks.

The instructor-based training apprentices are often absent from the training establishment for several days or even expressed full weeks over a certain period.
Distance education will therefore be flexible in the sense that the apprentice will be able to study at times of day and during the week that best suits him / her and learn the business.
This adds even more conducive to combine theory and practical exercises.

Distance education is developed by:
Training & Competence by charging high school (now the Resource Centre high school) in collaboration with car importer association and Automotive Association
Compendiums of distance education is considered by the consultants at the vocational
Motor vehicle, and car sales of Audi / Volkswagen and Toyota.
Distance education covers the theoretical part of the objectives of the curricula for apprentices in the business