Where to take courses for flight attendant

Where to take courses for flight attendant

Like to travel? You love being in the clouds with not only the head but the rest of the body? Then you can turn your passion into a profession by attending one of the courses for flight attendant explained in the article.

Requirements for Flight Attendants

Children often dream of becoming a hostess or steward, a fascinating job which allows you to always be in contact with people from different countries and be able to discover the beauties of the world.

The flight attendants are crew members on board the aircraft used in the service of the Public Passenger Transport, carry out functions assigned by the operator or the commander, on the safety of passengers.

The minimum requirements to perform these tasks:
  • at least 18 years;
  • periodic medical certification to verify the physical fitness;
  • have attended an initial training course;
  • achievement of 'Certificate of training in safety;
  • have completed a conversion training and / or differences;
  • recurrent training.
The ENAC, National Agency of Civil Aviation has issued a regulation that establishes the content of the initial training course, how to conduct and requirements for training.

Courses for hostesses and stewards and abroad

The flight attendant courses are organized by some companies.
Where to take courses for flight attendant

Future professions, whose courses are aimed at overcoming the selections provided by the airlines. Teachers are experts in the field and headquarters are located in Bari, Reggio Calabria, Matera, and Taranto.

Meridiana, the airline, Jobs & Training section of its website to send invites applications for training in its training center. There will be a final exam to obtain certification and European JAA approval ENAC.

Flyhostess, a company that selects, trains and certifies students through courses authorized at European level. The centers where the training takes place are English and Spanish: the end of the course, participants will receive certification JAR and their curriculum will be presented to international airlines.

Universpain offers specific courses for those who already have basic training and want to enrich their professional knowledge through the study of Spanish and improve the ability to handle different situations, from first aid services to the customer.

Air Columbia organizes courses of two months beyond which you can access a selection: Once enrolled, students will follow a theoretical and practical, for preliminary examination to obtain the qualification.