Vocational Training Center

Vocational Training Center

Vocational training centers: a guide to courses

The article presents the relevant points of the training centers.

Vocational training centers

The training center is an institute for young people and adults to improve their training and for possible inclusion in the working world.

The training centers are run by educational institutions that cooperate with the regions and provinces, from this agreement, obtaining public funding.

The training is hound in the production market as a sort of strategy to work, offering a dual service for businesses and workers, and encouraging continuing education, understood as an adaptation of the worker.
The Vocational Training Centre prefers the practical side compared to theory. Through internships in companies is taught to students in the professional work required from them, enabling a practical knowledge of the duties.
Vocational Training Center

Open to young people, including career guidance to support decision-making, among other things, the person learns about their potential as personal skills, skills related to job search tools for how to build a resume or a letter, the ability to activate research and the selection of appropriate employment agencies.

Guidance of professional courses

The pathways activated by the Vocational Training Centre are:
1. Professional qualification courses, aimed at young people with the required course of study (lower secondary school), have a duration of two or three years and a final examination for the issue of qualification
2. Specialized courses have a duration of one year and are targeting people with professional qualifications
3. Post-graduate courses are aimed at people with college degrees who want to complete their training
4. Courses of higher technical education and training

The specialized bodies that direct the training centers are:
. Enfapi
. Engip
. House Charity Arts and Crafts
. Institute training workers
. Artisan Training Authority
. Security Guidance Training Institute ICSOA Confederation

At the training course can be accessed through the call for participation of the provider enabled by specifying the type of course, admission requirements, documents for registration, duration, and the internship program at the company.

Vocational training is subject to the regions according to Article 117 of the Constitution of the Republic, while education is the responsibility of the State through the Minister of Education, University and Research.