Pros and Cons of Online Education

Pros and Cons of Online Education

You can take courses directly from their own home and receive appropriate training? Today it is, as we discover together.

Online Courses

In 2001 the Council of Ministers approved the methods of education through e-learning and in 2003 were born the first online institutions.

Although at first online teaching is a source of annulment of certain human faculties, an increase of intellectual laziness, an educational "unreal" for the non-physical nature of the relationship and alienation of students, the benefits drawn from them are indisputable.
Pros and Cons of Online Education

Also being recognized bodies will have the opportunity to study in comfort and have, at the end of the course, a real title recognized throughout Europe.

There are not only universities, but also online courses that provide a degree at a distance and also a proper training for working professionals.

The technology has advanced under the aspect of participation, building a network of connections allowed to all potential participants to be present and admitting an almost unlimited number of users in a given event. Secondly, has granted an almost immediate availability of information and unlimited time to create new areas of debate where you can talk through any kind of speech.


You can study from home only having a PC at their disposal and thus avoid the daily stress due to travel to get to school or university.

In addition, the flexibility of timing, the total absence of time constraints, the autonomous organization of the study, help you make the most of their time, balancing work and study and by cultivating their passions without waivers.


One of the main drawbacks is that the student has to cope with their course of study all by himself without being able to interact directly with colleagues or teachers, thus enabling a greater isolation.
A very valid criticism that assign the role of universities telematic, it is necessary to distinguish between individual universities as public universities and traditional, there are those who can not provide adequate preparation and, c ' is one who is corrupt and who is not, you can not generalize.
In conclusion, as in any electronic or physical entity it is good to make a choice based on your needs and characteristics found it.