English Online Guide

English Online Guide

Learn English online guide to the best websites
English is increasingly important to know a language well. Many do not have time to take a course. Here are the online courses to help. Following is a brief guide to the best sites in English.


The web of English courses, as for other languages, are having more success. The limited time available does not allow to take a course in the classroom. And the online courses, however, give the possibility to choose the time to learn.

A good online course gives the opportunity to contact teachers or native speakers, learn speaking (talking). The online courses are structured as follows. They have all different sections. There is one that deals with the basic grammar. Here you can make a repetition of
English Online Guide
grammatical rules. Another deals with the exercises. These are very important for storing rules and vocabulary. Finally there is a section that deals with listening (listening). This is typically in listening to songs or dialogues. Also important to understand others and hear the pronunciation of words. Often we find ourselves in some courses that require testing to understand what level of language, or give the possibility to choose for themselves the level. The levels are usually: basic, intermediate, advanced, business.

Each school decides the web as it sees fit to set up lessons.

Useful Addresses

The courses on the Internet are both for purchase and free. To start we recommend the following online English school.

1) Babbel.com gives the opportunity to learn English according to their level and interests. Makes it easy and pleasant that it can seem impossible. For example, if you love animals there is a special section that allows you to listen to English, learn the vocabulary, practice grammar on your choice. It 'a course fee. However, before you decide you can do a test to test the course. It takes a simple registration by entering your e-mail. This site offers over the course of English the opportunity to attend the course in Spanish, French, German and so on.

2) Bbc.co.uk is the English website of the bbc. The BBC Learning English offers the opportunity to learn English for free via video, quizzes, crosswords and reading.

3) Nspeak.com gives the opportunity for free choice of three levels: basic, intermediary and business. We can choose the level of English with our free online test that we find on the site. Offers material for grammar, exercises, and online interactive dictionary.

4) Englishgratis.com offers a 20-hour audio course for free. This course can be downloaded and listened to anytime and anywhere.