Computer Based Education

Computer Based Education

Guide to the choice of the basic computer courses
Information technology is the basis of everyday life, not knowing how to move in this area is to be kept out of the world of work. Today everyone SHOULD know how to use the computer to be up to date. If you do not even know how to turn a PC or not one can distinguish software from hardware, it is necessary to enroll in a course in basic computing.

Why take a course

The kids today learn the basic information in school, but who has a few more years and should work in any field, even if you have a degree, he is definitely required the use of computers. Apart from those who engage themselves at the amateur level and managed to get good results, often require a certificate of attendance, the famous European license. The basic course is intended to explain the use of the information system Windows, how to create word documents, excel file how to work with, and explains the extension of the PC, is a hard disk, a
Computer Based Education
hard drive or software. Explains how to access and surf the Internet, a fundamental tool in any kind of work. The course explains how to know your computer by exploring the resources of the computer through the control panel and solve simple problems as a block or attack your computer from viruses on the Internet. You learn to install and uninstall programs and manage them with practical examples.
Which course is best suited

Prometheo is one of the most famous schools of computer science at the national level that is also running the core courses, the duration of the course is 20 hours divided into 10 lessons of 2 hours each. The course involved a maximum of 8 students and are supervised by qualified teachers in the field, at the end of each course you can log on to the next in order of difficulty for any specialization. The basic course costs approximately €. 240.00, if you prefer an individual course with a custom program, the cost is €. 35.00 hours. At the end of the course will be issued to the European Computer Driving Licence.

Seraphicum in Rome is another school that offers courses in basic computing, as well as the technical school Leonardo da Vinci in Lecce. In the designated sites are on-line registration forms and course details and prices. Typing next to "computer schools" the name of the city will find the course nearest to you.