Open University Degree Courses

Open University Degree Courses

Degree courses, types and costs
The Degree (DM 509/99) has been replaced by the Master (DM 270/2004), second-degree level at which you can access after completing a degree, a bachelor's degree or a diploma. However, even today, many courses in Science are active, although reserved for those who are enrolled in previous years.

Degree, Master Degree and Single Cycle

The classes are 104 degree. For an overview of the degree you can browse the classification of the Ministerial Decree of 28 November 2000 in the Ministry of Education ( MIUR ). The Degree course lasts two years. It follows after gaining 300 University credits to be counted among the credits of the Bachelor Degree and the Master's, unlike the Master that provides for the attainment of 120 credits his own, independently from the bachelor's degree - although still This is required as a condition of access.
Open University Degree Courses

However, many classes of degree - relating to regulated professions - do not provide courses for single-cycle Degree. This is the case of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law and others.
Master of Science: costs, employability, types

The cost for attending a course of Degree are those of university fees, which depend on the income bracket that you belong to, plus the cost of textbooks and materials that may be required. The off-site will clearly have to include in the budget for office rent.

According to Istat, the titles of the second degree level are more fortunate in terms of jobs Engineering and Nursing. It is in both cases the degrees that allow a short time after graduation, a quick job placement. With regard to engineering, you must have obtained a Master Degree or Roll of engineers to register (unless you intend to join the Roll Junior). Nursing is sufficient for the purposes of the profession, the Bachelor Degree. The Degree of health professions (nurses, physiotherapists, etc.) are common and often more distinctly administrative and managerial content.

There are now many opportunities for those who want to enroll in a Bachelor Degree from a distance, at a university recognized by ministerial decree, which performs much of the teaching on the web. This is the case of E-campus, UNINETTUNO, Unicus and many others. The costs for the courses offered by University telematics start at about $ 2,000 per year.