Information Design Courses

Information Design Courses

How to take a course in interior design
Decorating is an art and keep pace with new trends and new Tech can be difficult, but if you entrust it to an interior decorator, then you're done!

Interior designer

To furnish the interior with style and professionalism must follow precisely the course of interior decorators. The materials, which are explored in this course are:
art history;
history of the house;
style and history of furniture;
modern architecture and its interior;
professional design;
graphic technique;
project design and decor;
materials and technologies;
furniture in the home and in public places;
Information Design Courses

The interior decorator course is a postgraduate diploma. On the basis of belonging to the Province, there are several institutions that allow you to follow him. In most cases it is a course with 400 hours of training in 8 months and a limited number at the end of which has a certificate of professional qualification.

There are also master enterior design intended for graduates in architecture or industrial design for those who have achieved the course of interior design: the course has a duration of nine months with 20 hours per week after which will be held internships at companies or field studies.

The certificate of competency:
is valid in all European Union countries;
makes it possible to access public examinations;
allows you to teach courses in the regional specialization;
applies to foreign students for the issuance of the permit.

The interior designer specializing in interior design, careful selection of furniture, ornaments and coatings, materials and help in the search for antiques or craft and their placement within the home, all this considering Always the needs of customers.

Enterior design

The interior designer is qualified, in fact, restructurings and creating pieces of furniture for homes, offices, hotels. Must be informed about new trends, innovative materials and technology. Can carry out on his own, working at architecture firms, show Roum or specialized companies.

Searching the Internet will find that there are different schools throughout the territory and offer their expertise and the possibility, depending on the province, you can make the course.