Forensic Odontology Education

Forensic Odontology Education

Forensic Odontology: workshops and courses

The Forensic Odontology is an important part of forensic medicine that deals with scientific research and to make individual awards or mass. Here are some workshops and courses.

Forensic Dentistry: What is

The forensic odontology is a branch of forensic medicine in which they studied the relationship between the 'stomatognathic system that includes swallowing, phonation, respiration, bite, posture and various other components and statutory law.

The identification of unknown corpses takes place in the forensic laboratory and is made by odontologo forensic dentistry that deals with legal. In addition to the recognition of human remains, investigators can find evidence of responsibility for crimes committed by individuals, through the discoveries made by the physician during the forensic autopsy.

While the forensic odontology is able to work in dental practice, including also the pediatric dentistry, the dentist can not practice as a forensic odontology because the latter requires a course of study and specializations specific that vary depending on the country in which they are carried out. The special preparation by odontologo is paid, as well as through doctorates, even with the learning of foreign languages ​​and specific uses of software that are used in disaster, for the identification of the masses.

As regards the recognition of the individual, the doctor uses survey data forensic examination or dental apparatus of salivary DNA. The biological damage, the effects of maltreatment, assessing the age of live subjects and cadavers, the recognition of sex and race in the event of discovery of human remains are other factors upon which the awards.
Forensic Odontology Education

Some courses and workshops

The courses and workshops are varied and we find them a bit  all over the country.

Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology and Odontology at the Section of Legal Medicine that deals with the recovery of human remains and identify them the Institute of Legal Medicine.

The 'University of Florence offers and organizes Master's level in Forensic Odontology, lasting nine months, with the elaboration and discussion of a final thesis. The course objective is to form specialists able to ascertain the biological damage and promote competence even in the identification. Also one of the aims is to prepare professionals who can detect the responsibilities in the dental profession.

The Master is divided into fields of study dealing with, among many issues, including legislation and the personal identification through the bite and salivary DNA and dental.