eCampus Online

What is an online campus
Overview of the world of E-Campus, also analyzing strengths and weaknesses.

Introducing the online campus

The online universities can be a good teaching method in order to achieve an academic qualification for those who work and are therefore physically unable to follow the lessons, or the so-called part-time students.
The Campus Online (E-Campus) University was established as electronically through the Ministerial Decree of 30 January of 2006. Its headquarters are located at the former IBM facility in Novedrate, in the province of Como.

The campus was designed by Morassutti, is located in a cutting-edge architecture. It 'consists of twelve towers communicating at different levels and by an open space of ten acres, they are distributed in places filled with sports facilities and green.

It is a campus nestled in a quiet environment and Monza has 270 classrooms. Within the campus are also held curricular enrichment activities such as conferences and seminars.
eCampus Online

Despite being equipped with a prestigious and efficient E-Campus is distinguished by a University spread over the entire peninsula for the characteristics of his teaching, which can be enjoyed at any time, for the widespread distribution throughout of his tutor. The latter offer educational support to all pupils.
The methodology was created to implement a computer information system that allows control of the University of the stages of learning of each student on both the cognitive-emotional on both the logistical / administrative.

The University Telematics has the primary objective to carry out activities for the dissemination of culture and education through the use of teaching methods based on distance e-learning applications. The use of the courses is through a digital platform, which allows the development of different activities in different methodologies: self-assessment, achievement test, video conferencing and whiteboarding.

The Online Campus facilitates the enrichment of the cultural heritage of students through participation in internships at multinational companies.


Contributes to the placement of students in the business world through their own methods of placement and through the provision of the curriculum for pupils to businesses.

Regularly organizes conferences in collaboration with professional associations, professors from other universities and other figures of the labor market.

The widespread distribution of the tutor is the most important requirement of the University because it offers a solution for the needs of all pupils.


It is not comparable to traditional academic experience because it lacks the element of direct contact with the teacher.

In principle, students take on-line a lot longer to graduate than traditional students.

The computer labs available to students covering a total of only 230 square feet and have only thirty seats.
Very expensive tuition fees.