English University Courses

English University Courses

Guide to English courses online
In analyzing the benefits of the web school offering courses in English, must submit such materials, what types of courses are available and what are some sites that offer such courses.

Why Study English Online

In the net there are several sites that offer online language courses. Take a course through computer has several advantages including the ability to be able to follow the course at their own pace of learning and their time available. So an online course allows customization and individualization of the curriculum.

If you want to study English with courses free online, however, must make an informed choice. In fact, not all schools have the Web and offer valuable material well-structured courses and complete.
English University Courses

Good English language courses have to offer different types of materials: paper handouts that you can download and print to implement their knowledge especially in grammar, audio and video files to learn the correct pronunciation but also to see what the situation studied in theory, opportunity to chat rooms or virtual classrooms for practice in speech (speaking) with other students or tutors, activity testing practices (better if the course offers different types of exercises that the variety makes it less tiring and more fun learning ). There are other "deals" that can make even more complete the course: dictionaries, search engines, translation of texts, video conferencing, interactive games, magazines.

Some sites that offer online courses in English

The school Web usually offer different categories of knowledge and skills related to the course in English (basic, intermediate and advanced) but also the purpose for which you want to follow such a course (business, commercial).

Among the sites that offer online courses in English are the most complete the following

1) Easyenglish.com offering three types of courses (basic, intermediate, business) video guide to the use of grammar, online workshops, video lessons, interactive exercises for the PET preparation, vocabulary, literature, webquest.

2) Test-my-english.com offering free paid products and materials: dictionaries, audio files, grammar, parallel texts, multiblog, penfriend, classics of the English language.

3) Secure.vec.bc.ca, run by mother-tongue teachers offers different activities for beginners and advanced, and provides for single conversation, trivia, games, songs and translations of articles.

4) Examenglish.com, run entirely by volunteers and teachers native speakers, offers lessons in basic English, medium and intermediate tests, blogs, forums, aphorisms.

5) Learn4good.com, one of the best stocked and offers users a search engine vocabulary, lessons divided into tabs for different levels of study (basic, intermediate, advanced), business courses, audio files, a section for use Practical English with phrases ready for some special situations, translations, selections of books and publications, sites and locations for study trips.