What Works Learning on Demand

Upon request, e-learning - the remuneration of recorded content

In attendance is no hesitation that the online training live is a key component of training provision is effective, however, many organizations have online training as their sole source of delivery of live e-learning. There are several obvious advantages of using the course content is pre-recorded and supplied on request.

* Contains live, of course, online, even if it is available, requires all participants to meet at a certain time and cyberspace. The teacher should repeat the delivery of training for each live session and students often have the chance to reach the material. In contrast, pre-recorded content is not dependent on the presence of the teacher in the delivery and students can access to verify the contents at their own pace or to consume more if necessary.

* The pre-recorded content can be made for each subject, the best resource. Unlike most live training as a teacher of teachers, pre-recorded contented can be planned and registered, your most excellent expert for each subject matter.

* Record content can arrive at a wider audience. Delivery of training living systems usually have restrictions on the number of participants. Physical limitations, such as different time zones and consumption of bandwidth of the Internet is also narrowing live sessions. Instead, the application of training resources in a much wider range of times and connections are accessible.

* The pre-recorded content can be evaluated and used self-paced. More recent studies have shown that education online multimedia, delivered, in fact, a higher percentage of retention of knowledge that they live classes.

For business professionals and educators to high quality content can be registered for their courses to achieve a difference between public versus hundreds of thousands.

Vice President of Sales & Marketing